Hole 6

Hole 6

Hole #6
Par 5 Blue Tee: 459 Yards White Tee: 445 Yards Red Tee: 401 Yards Handicap: 1

Hole 6

Hole six is a sharp dogleg left. A good drive in the middle of the fairway leaves you with a challenging second shot between two sets of trees that hang over the fairway. Once you get over the creek, there is a bunker on the left side before the green.

Pin Placement

Tee Box

The red tees are in front of the white and the blue slightly to the right. The white and the blue are right off of the cart path.

Long Fairway

This fairway is a little tight and is a dogleg left. Hitting to the curve in the middle still leaves you a challenging shot to the green between trees on the right and left side.


There is one bunker to the left of green near the cart path.

Water Hazards

There is one creek that runs with the left side of the fairway in the trees and throughout the fairway before the green.

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